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Like so many people I bought mikrotik kit without fully understanding the scope of the configurability of these devices. I sent a diagram of how I needed my vlans, ssid's and trunks configured over multiple devices, Gustav built the config in his homelab and deployed it in a zoom call on my network kit without ...

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Gustav was very professional and patient working with me on upgrading my network configuration; Segregating my network; setting up vlans; Configuring routes and firewall rules; Implementing Trunks between routers/switches. He scheduled a time that worked for both of us and was promptly available. He explained everything in detail, remoted in and made the changes, and ...

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Having worked with Gustav I know why he has only positive reviews. Gustav helped me set up my first Mikrotik router to fulfil my subnet separation requirements. I sent the same request for offer to five different sellers and only Gustav was diligent enough to ask if I had any other routers/switches in my network. ...
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